Employment August 09, 2023

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Employment Scam

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August 09, 2023

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$ 0

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Thank you for applying to the Data Analyst ( Remote) position at Cisco Meraki posted on indeed and our website https://www.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=3a5caaa81f64600c&tk=1h6r618hvje2a800&from=serp&vjs=3 Base on your Experience, Happy to inform you that you’re among the applicants selected for an online interview on Thursday.
The interview is scheduled for Thursday 08/03/2023 from 8am EST to 4pm EST. You’re to contact the Member of our HR team Joseph Lee? On Email at ( leeh5rv@gmail.com ) to confirm and acknowledge the receipt of this email and to schedule your interview and confirm your availability for the interview. You are to be available on Email ASAP for the interview on Thursday. Your swift and timely response to this position matters a lot as the job interview starts between 8am to 4pm EST. Contact Joseph Lee? to let him know your Availability between this time. Have a great day
Looking forward to hearing from you.
All the best
Responded with information.
Thank you again for your interest in employment at Cisco Meraki, We
are recruiting via online potential employees who would eventually
have an office space at home for Data Analyst- Remote.
We have carefully considered your application during the initial
screening and will now proceed to administer a Screening
test/Interview for you.
In order for us to move ahead with the selection process, please reply
to this email to confirm your details as follows:
Legal Name :
Phone Number :
City and State Location:
NOTE- NO VISA SPONSORSHIP, Dont reply if you required because we dont
currently have one..
I will email you the Screening Test/Interview Questions as soon I
receive your email with the above details.
Thank you
Responded with information
I acknowledge the receipt of your answers.
Our team will review your answers and forward the same to the Hiring
Board for their decision and I will get back to you with feedback from
the Board’s decision within 2 hours, Kindly continue to check your
email within this time for response.
You will be having a virtual meeting with a representative from the HR
department immediately you complete your proper documentation as our
newly recruited employee to discuss further on your job offer and
attend to your questions.
This is going to be strictly an online remote (work from home) job and
the working hours are flexible which means you can choose to work from
anytime of your choice. This is a full time job with 40 hours
Furthermore you will be undergoing training before you start working
fully which will be between 5-7 days if you are hired at the end of
this process.
How much do you want to be considered for this job hourly ?
Let me know when you received this email and reply back with desired pay rate.