Scam Type

Employment Scam

Date Reported

2023-03-25 00:00:00

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

I put my name on a hiring website, where I assumed they only allowed legit companies to obtain your information. However, I received an email saying they accepted my application to go to their link and follow the prompts. They described the position to be a package inspection,r paying a salary at 37075.00 base salary pay with a 30.00 bonus for each successfully shipped package. I was leary about this,but having 5 children and being in college, I needed a well-paying job from home. So I went clear to a library, just in case it was a scam, and I covered all my information in my ID like my ID # and gave them an address not affiliated with my name, but where I would still be able to accept the packages. They accepted me! I thought it must be real. They sent me an entire platform to upload my stuff to and start working from https://paragon-dash.com/user/login.php is the exact platform. So, I took one package and everything went well, since the platform added my $30 bonus to my base pay in the balance, I figured it was good. I got the second and the same thing happened only this time. I asked the FEDEX worker what she thought about this company, and she said in her 35 years of working with shipping company’s she had never heard of such a thing and why it would even be needed when they are already sipping the package to my house first, why wouldn’t it or couldn’t it be checked in the process of sending it the first time. Well, that sounds right. Why pay someone $30 plus salary to send a $2 bracelet (in my first package)? I went and did a harder search for it and then I found this where someone else is mentioning the same thing. This has not given an answer as to if it is a scam or not but I would like to know because they owe me a lot of money and my children need their mother I do not need to be caught in anything that is not what it is supposed to be. Please help me identify if this is a legit business or not.
Thank you