Scam Type

Employment Scam

Date Reported

2022-12-28 00:00:00

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

On December 16, I received from ***** ******* (Recruiter) and ***** *****, both from RENWI PLC, a company located in United Kingdom but with a support office located at Willmington Delaware, an offer to work remotely. They sent me a text and an email to have an interview through zoom, since I applied for different positions in a few different websites, I accepted, I checked out the name of the company in the website and it looked legit.
At the end of the “interview” which was conducted through Imessage, she said I got the job, so the very next day, she sent to my email all the paperwork (Form W4, Letter signed from the CEEO of the company offering the job, Form I-9, and Code of Conduct of the Company) Also she told me that the company will send a check for $4,682.00 from NUSENDA Credit Union, to buy the equipment necessary to perform my job as a Data Entry Clerk, she gave me the tracking number and the instructions on what to do. As soon as I got the check, on the amount of $4,682.00, I went to my bank to deposit the check and I had the funds available the next day. I followed all the instructions, from the recruiter and I sent the money as she told me, through paypal ($1,000 + $854.37) and Zelle ($2,000.00 +$500.00) to the vendor in order to have the equipment. However I never called to NUSENDA Credit Union to verify the check, I trusted in my bank Wells Fargo that the check was good. However only $3,854.37 went through, the $1,000.00 through paypaL was blocked from my bank.
On the same day in the afternoon, I called to NUSENDA Credit Union and they said the check was false, I started a few disputes in payPal and also in Zelle to see if there is a way to recover my money, since my checking account had an overdraft that I had to pay. Also I warned NUSENDA Credit Union that someone is using them to give false checks, since at this moment, they still think that I am still trusting and they sent another check for $2,470.00 which is on the way, to buy work materials and its false as well.
I attached a file with all the conversation through Imessage I have been having with this scammer for you to review.