Scam Type

Employment Scam

Date Reported

2022-12-21 00:00:00

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

I was contacted regarding an online customer service job, I had applied to a few online. She asked me to do an interview via Skype. I did, thinking they would be live but it was all messages. I went through the questions and answered them thinking it was a screening process. She said she had to submit it to the HR Dept and would get back to me in a few minutes. She did and said I was hired, and I knew it was a scam so I played along. She said I needed to get equipment that they would send a check to me to cover the cost, and that I would receive an Apple computer. I received the check, $4500 for approximately $500 worth of equipment. The check came from Gordon AJ in Doylestown, Pa. The check is drawn on Advance Packaging Co. Operating Account in Brooklyn, NY. With letter with another email of Jeremy.McCoy@accountnt,com phone 732-963-8294 with some instructions. I was told to provide a copy of the deposit so I created a fake one and sent that. I’m supposed to purchase the equipment tomorrow and wait for further instructions. I can provide them with fake purchase receipts, but I would like to turn this over to the BBB so that you can proceed or let me know how to proceed.

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