Scam Type

Employment Scam

Business Name Used


Date Reported

Aug 22, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

I received an email for a available Admin Assistant at Calyxia. I interviewed with Christophe W. and received a job offer as a Administrative Assistant with your company on 8/18/2022. (All communications were done via Telegram app). I was told by Christophe to deposit a check in the amount of $4,800.20 to purchase the equipment and software needed to perform the job. I’ve never known of an employer to request this, but I did. The check from Long Island Cares was put on hold by my bank due to additions review needed from BOFA. From that moment, I was being pressured to cover the costs of the check until it cleared via Cryptocurrency at first, in which my bank would not allow. Then, I was told to see if I could pull out cash from the ATM, and then a suggestion was made to send the funds via Zelle.
After all of that, I told Christophe, no I cannot do that or send $4800 to him. He then asked if I could buy a $200 Walmart gift card for software so that I could start training on Monday 8/22. Against my better judgment, I did. I was really excited for the job and to work with your company. After I sent Christophe the Walmart card info, about an hour later, he IM’d me to say that the card’s balance was zero $0. I checked the balance on my end and it said the balance was $7.68, with a purchase made of $195 and some change. Obviously it was used. I’m believing now this has been a scam. Maybe not on the company’s part, but on Christophe’s. He promised he would reimburse me but I’m sure that was a lie as well. I am planning on filing some complaints, so that this won’t happen to someone else. As of today, I received another email from Christophe for the same position which means he again, is on the prowl for the next victims. I’ve done extensive research and the company appears to be totally legitimate. I do t want this happening to someone else.