Scam Type

Employment Scam

Business Name Used

TC Maintenance LLC

Date Reported

Sep 06, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

I was recruited as a Marketing Coordinator of this company, TC Maintenance LLC, Alabama. I was supervised under Lily Miller (which might not be a real name). As a Marketing Coordinator, I was expected to run the social media of the company which needs help from an advertising agency. One of my job descriptions is to transfer money to advertising agencies to help the company with brand books, logos, websites, etc. So, the company will send me money via paycheck and I will deposit the check, once the money is available in my account, I am eligible to take a commission from that, and then I need to send the rest of the money to the advertising agency. All the paychecks that are sent to me are signed by Willie Bray who is based in California which looked like legit checks since it has the name of the company printed on the checks. In my early job, I was trained and the original plan was they will provide me with an advertising agency that they had already chosen for me so that I can get to know how to transfer the money and after I already know how to handle it, I am expected to find other advertising agency by myself if needed (such as making content, FB/IG advertising, etc). When my fund was already available, I sent the money to Fox Amy (which was claimed as the advertising agency that they work with) who is based in Ukraine through MoneyGram. I’m assuming this is the real name because as far as I know, to withdraw money from MoneyGram need to provide an ID. Turns out, it was just a scam. I sent almost $3500 within 2 weeks and the money had already been picked up by Fox Amy, but somehow, the deposit that was already available in my deposit is taken back as returned checks. When I call the bank, apparently it was a fraudulent action.

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