Debt Collections Scam Jul 13, 2022

Scam Type

Debt Collections Scam

Business Name Used

Dcm Services

Date Reported

Jul 13, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

I received a letter from DCM services addressed to “The Estate of ______” , sending condolences regarding my mother’s death (she’s still alive), and stating that, “DCM services is trying to identify and locate the person who is authorized to act on behalf of ____’s estate.” The letter goes on to say, “We can only disclose information regarding the Estate’s financial affairs to the person authorized to act on behalf of the Estate because we are obligated to keep that information private and confidential. ….Due to this obligation, we cannot share further information regarding our company’s purpose…” The letter seems to hint that they are a collection agency without saying so directly, but doesn’t specify who they are collecting a debt/bills for. I know my mom doesn’t have any outstanding bills or debt, because I handle her payments. When I called this company to say “Take her off your list” , the man I spoke with wanted the final 4 numbers of her social which I didn’t give him, and said, “I can make a note of this” when I asked him to update his information about my mom being alive. I was hesitant to ask and answer too many questions for fear of getting a “As we discussed with you by phone” letter in the future. To anybody who worries about money–all of us–the letter seemed a little threatening. The nonexistent debt is not specified. Whatever medical company/utility/organization DCM is trying to collect a nonexistent debt for is not specified. Who are these people and is this considered fraud? I’m going to ignore them for now, but I expect I’ll hear from them again after my mother dies.