Debt Collections Scam Apr 13, 2022

Scam Type

Debt Collections Scam

Business Name Used

A-1 Interlock

Date Reported

Apr 13, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

A1 Interlock of Sandy Utah took money out of my account and said that they would refund the money and make it right. When speaking to ‘Emily’ (they use fake names) on the phone I was assured the funds had been. When I checked my account I saw a refund amount and called Chase Bank to confirm that the temporary credit I had received was lifted since the company had refunded me. Chase Bank has NO records of the company, A1 Interlock refunding me the funds. Somehow this company has an ability to say they refunded the money but it’s actually coming from the bank NOT the company. There scam is to make it appear that they refunded you and you can even be on the phone with them when they do it but it’s coming from the bank since I disputed it. They are double dipping on customers and then threaten to send you to collections if you don’t pay them the amount they supposedly “refunded” you. Once again I spoke with my bank and they do NOT have any record of any refund from the company. This company A1 Interlock in Utah needs to be dealt with!!! This is a huge problem and people are being ripped off everyday! They did the same thing to a lady 3 days before me for 2,000$. Please help!!!!!! Something needs to be done.

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