CryptoCurrency Scam Apr 23, 2022

Scam Type

CryptoCurrency Scam

Date Reported

Apr 23, 2022

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Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

First, I approached my friend’s account, who happened to be hacked on Instagram. I thought was reliable because it was a selfie of them saying they got $10,000 via cashapp from bitcoin mining. https://instagram.com/jrodh6nch6?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= This was the account that referred “my friend” to get started. So I believed it and went ahead and gave this person $500 via cash app. Which I knew something was odd because the cash app name “Alice Locke” $arlicke71, did not match my friend’s name. I thought since they were my friend, I trusted them and they said they can get my account set up. They took out more money because they said in order to get a successful withdrawal from this website that I need to purchase bit coin. So they advised me to go through and buy a upgrade packet to get more money back. I ended up paying up to $595. I had no idea what to believe and I should’ve gone with my gut because they were not acting respectful to me. They also hacked my account by having me change my email to their email. giveawaycompany66775@gmail.com I changed it and then I was no longer able to access my instagram account. I eventually got back in and changed everything. I had uploaded a video saying I got $9000 close to $10k. This is an another email too. unsubscribe_20220330173017.27204417.45624@mx.sailthru.com After all that; they tried getting into my account over 20 different attempts from New York and Nigeria. I was able to log in and message my friend’s hacked account and told them they were a “piece of shit” for stealing money. And they said I could have it back but they were asking for my verification codes from instagram. I told them that that wasn’t necessary at all. And then they were like, “oh I guess you don’t want your money back.” They kept asking me to take screen shots throughout each step of purchasing the cryptocurrency