Scam Type

CryptoCurrency Scam

Date Reported

2023-04-06 00:00:00

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

This began on 2.10.23. I have a Robin Hood app. I check my stocks every day. I got a message on my Robin Hood app saying I had a deficit. I own 2 Chinese stocks, and I have to pay a fee to have them. I googled the phone number for Robin Hood and I called and spoke to a man with an Indian accent. He asked me to download Anydesk app and through it he looked at my Robin Hood account. He said Robin Hood is changing to a new application, and that is why I received the original notice on my Robin Hood. We talked for 11 minutes, and he said he would call the next day. He called back from 804-715-1100. He said his name was Adam. He said in order for you to have a new application, we’re going to ask you to sell your stocks and buy bitcoin Ethereum. He told me to buy $4900 in Ethereum, which would be 2 1/2 shares. He called every day at 8:30 am and asked me to sell a few more stocks. This went on for weeks. By March, everything was sold, and he told me he would call on Monday, and I would be able to log back into my Robin Hood account, and for my inconvenience I would receive 10% of the total in my Robin Hood account. On Monday, March 6th, I was waiting for his call and I decided to check the account. That is when I saw there was just $49 in it. On Tuesday, he hadn’t called, so I was thinking maybe I had been scammed. I called Robin Hood and left them a vm asking for a call back. Robin Hood called and asked for my name, SS number and address. The representative said they would turn this over to their investigation team. Then I got an email saying they had seen red flags in my account, and they were freezing it and shutting it down. Then I got an email saying they would return the funds to my account. Two weeks ago, I got an email saying they would not return the funds to my account as I had authorized the transactions. I have filed a police report and a report with the Ohio Attorney General’s office.