Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Scam Type

Credit Repair/Debt Relief Scam

Business Name Used

Central Fiscal Service

Date Reported

Sep 07, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

Through my recent contact with your company and information I received as a warning for your company applying a FALSE past due billing. I have been in contact with North American Readers Choice, and they have told me that they NEVER turn outstanding payments to any bill collection services. I have passed on all of the information about your company and what I received from Norton/Lifelock and they are beginning an investigation to this fraudulent claim.
Attached is the post marked envelope and the un-signed letter they mailed to me as proof that I did have this debt paid in full 10/2017.
North American Readers Choice – amount $924.95
Primary contact – “Stephanie” – Customer Service
I have tried to reach out to your “Compliance Department” but have only been able to leave my phone number to discuss this matter.
Please contact me to know if this will be REMOVED from my credit report and how and when this will happen.
Mike Perkins