Credit Cards Scam May 24, 2022

Scam Type

Credit Cards Scam

Business Name Used

Skylar Jo Photography

Date Reported

May 24, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

I found the photographer on Instagram! Messaged her about doing our wedding I really wanted a wedding video done and she offered photography and wedding video package! So I sent my deposit after I filled everything out with her was about a week long process because she would never respond back every quickly! The package we bought from her include engagement pictures so when it got closer to our wedding in October I figured she would reach out to me and set a time up to do our engagement shoot. No I have to get ahold of her and she was going to charge me extra to come out to our house! We have an old vintage car I wanted to use and we’re not able to because she was going to charge us! Once we came to a half way point for both of us after the photoshoot she said she would send us some sneak peaks a few days after the engagement photo shoot and we never got anything almost 2 months later after demanding and trying to get ahold of her she sent them because we were going to use the pictures for the wedding invitations like a lot of people normally do! So because of her I was let sending out my wedding invitations!! Then come wedding day she did not arrive on time and he second shooter was an hour late. How she handled the whole wedding process was chaotic and messy all day! I was not impressed and was not professional! She rushed all of the family photos after the ceremony and I did not get the photos I wanted because she was ordering everyone around! The reception came and she missed the entrance of my husband and I because she was no where to be found! She was rushing all the reception events because her time was almost up supposedly even those she was late getting to the Venue that morning! After the wedding she said again she would send sneak peaks I never got any! Finally after demanding her and trying to get ahold of her we got our wedding photos back in February almost March… mind you our wedding was in October! Most professional photographer send out sneak peaks the next day I never got a single picture until she send everything! Now I am currently still waiting on my wedding video she supposedly took and I have not be able to get ahold of her and no reply to anything or any messages!