Credit Cards August 31, 2023

Scam Type

Credit Cards Scam

Business Name Used

Revolut Business

Date Reported

August 31, 2023

Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost

$ 0

Scam Description

So I was trying to find a business bank account for my new business. I am very new to this. My son is also my partner. I was told about Revolut through my business partners. I googled it and started applying. Then, I noticed that I need Revolut Business. I also expressed somewhere in the application that I could use some help. Additionally, the App for Revolut was available so I tried continuing my application there. It never worked well. I believe this was Monday, Aug 14th.
The next day, the 15th, I got an email from D L who saw that I might need some help. We schedule a google meet that day, I believe at 1pm and he tried to help me. The app for Revolut never worked well. So the next day, he told me to clear my history. I could put personal info in, but I have been waiting to see if I was approved for to have an account with them. I emailed him on August 21st to see if everything was going ok.
On August 22nd, he said,
“HI Mary,
We’re currently having issues with the onboarding process as we’re dealing with a backlog of applications. Hoping to have everything resolved by tomorrow – I will keep you posted.

D L  US Business Growth”
Today is August 31st, I have not heard back from him, the app doesn’t work, nor have I been able to get in touch with him. He has my business EIN number and I am not sure about my social security. Can’t remember.
I also just tried calling him again and I made an apt for 1pm in his google meet tomorrow. We shall see what happens. I have also sent a complaint to the company via complaints.us@revolut.com
Of course this was on that website and I don’t trust it. Basically, everything says go through their revolut business app. which never works.
Thank you.
M D (Hoping you can help as I am nervous since they have my EIN for my business and other personal info.)

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