Credit Cards

Scam Type

Credit Cards Scam

Date Reported

2022-12-30 00:00:00

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Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

Called from a 2293523237 number but gave a call back number in the voicemail was 8666880136 with a reference number of 1301388 about “Chase bank account ending in 8814 ” their company name “Davison associates” Jasmine was the girls name ext #122 said I could settle with them or go to court and I’d be severed on Friday. To get a lawyer, because they were pursuing $3000 dollars. Said, I look like I have good credit and started to tell me what credit cards I have. Told them they were a scam and I was reporting them. Refused to give them any info told them I’d never had an account and wasn’t paying anything.