Credit Cards

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Credit Cards Scam

Business Name Used

Date Reported

Nov 02, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

CheapFareGuru allows you to book your ticket online and they specify that you can change or cancel your ticket. However, when you try to cancel your ticket they put your call into a waiting line phone extension that never gets answered. For an experiment I tried waiting for 3 days in a row, over 3 hours each day. I also tried calling the line option for booking a new ticket and each time I was transferred back to the dead line, told someone would call me back which never happened, and when I asked for a supervisor, they hung up on me, and then when I called back again, they seemed to recognize my phone number and it went into a perpetual loop so no one answered. I called yet again from a different phone number, this time immediately asking for the agent’s name, when doing so, she hung up on me. It is clear that they do not intend to either let you change or cancel your ticket once purchased. I’ll be cancelling them through my credit card company instead, but just warning others not to use them! I had even paid for “premium travel assist” upfront incase I needed to make changes or cancel!!

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