Credit Cards

Scam Type

Credit Cards Scam

Business Name Used

Premier Solution Group

Date Reported

Aug 25, 2022

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Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

First, a lady called me from 510-279-6071 (registered to Louis Yiucheung Chan, CA per a reverse wp.com check) and stated I was being sued in a civil suit and gave me a number to call of 855-286-7463. Then she gave me a reference number. I called and a man answered. He stated that he was working on behalf of check and go, regarding a payday loan from June 2017. First off, there is a statue of limitations on how long a person can be sued for a debt and that statue is 4 years in California. I mentioned this to him and then came lie after lie. The man had a lot of my personal information from 5 years ago. The man stated that Check and Go was in the process of suing me and if I did not want to be sued then I would make a payment today. The man tricked me into giving him my debit card number. After the fact, I called Check and Go and they stated that they are not suing me and that this debt was sold to Global Trust Management, not Premier Solutions Group. BTW, the actual company, Premier Solutions Group is NOT a collection agency at all. Which tells me that he is falsely representing this company name but it is probably not his company. I am reading a lot of similar stories about this same guy all over the internet. If you gave him your card info, cancel your card immediately and dispute the transaction. He is lying to get money from people by scaring them and telling them they are being sued. I believe it is possible that he maybe a debt collector telling people lies, including a fraudulent company name to get payments from them. According to what I have read, he will continue to pull money from people’s accounts without authorization. I keep calling these numbers back and now they won’t answer my calls. Not the First Lady who called nor him.