Counterfeit Product September 08, 2023

Scam Type

Counterfeit Product Scam

Business Name Used

Online Purchase

Date Reported

September 08, 2023

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Total Dollars Lost

$ 0

Scam Description

On August 12, I placed an order advertised online as “Buy 3 Get 2 Free” bottles of 60 Genesis KETO ACV Gummies; total price for the three bottles was $39.98 per bottle of 60 gummies for a total of $119.94. On 8/14/2023, I received notice the five bottles were being shipped, and the charge would appear on my credit card as “KD7*KTSLM8442004756”, Albuquerque, NM. When I made my payment on 8/9/2023, the charge had not come through yet. When I checked the card charges on 9/6/2023, there were two charges by “KD7*KTSLM8442004756”, Albuquerque, NM; one for $199.88 (for five Genesis KETO ACV Gummies), and another charge for $59.99 for two bottles of DETOX Internal Cleansing Support, that I DID NOT order, but they included with my order. This Genesis KETO Customer Care company is listed on the Internet: “A dangerous new scam is aggressively promoting Genesis Keto ACV Gummies through fake celebrity endorsements, fabricated customer reviews, and misleading claims. They use AI-generated videos and deepfakes to deceive consumers about weight loss gummies that are unlikely to work as advertised,” (https://malwaretips.com/blogs/genesis-keto-acv-gummies?). The bottles are labeled 60 gummies, but only 30 gummies were shipped to me, half of what I paid for. Their ad states to email or call if there are problems, and “We are 100% committed to your product satisfaction and weight loss goals.” I have emailed on 9/6/2023, and have not received a reply. When these charges came through my husband immediately called them on 9/6/2023, and got hold of a lady named “Jerra”. She was not interested in helping solve the problem, but was asking personal questions that had nothing to do with this order or credit card charges. When she asked if he was on Medicare, he hung up. I called back 9/8/2023, and spoke with “Lee Ann.” I explained everything to her. She offered to give me a 50% discount off the $199.98, and I could keep the DETOX. I told her I had been over charged $139.93, and expected every cent of this back, and I did not want the credit given in anymore of their merchandis, and I DID NOT WANT the DETOX bottles. I also told her that her 50% offer did not take into account the 150 gummies I had been shorted, half of what I paid for. She then told me the ad was only for 30 gummies not 60. I told her I was looking at their ad where I ordered and it said 60 gummies and my bottles had 60 gummies on them. She refused to acknowledge I had been cheated. The bottles are still sealed up and are only half full. You cannot deal with these people. They are professional foreigners and they are scammers getting rich off ignorant people such as I. Please do what you can to stop them from taking advantage of anyone else. She also told me I would have to pay for return shipping if I chose to send anything back. I told her it was their mistake and I would not pay for sending anything back. They could send me a self addressed stamped envelope and I would be glad to send their garbage back to them, but I do not feel I should pay for their scamming me.

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