Counterfeit Product

Scam Type

Counterfeit Product Scam

Date Reported

2022-12-09 00:00:00

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

I paid 100 zelle deposit before hand then 540 cash at appointment. I was asked to put the cash on the table before my treatment which was incredibly odd. Then I didn’t see much result for two vials of sculptra for one area from a groupon special. I had the same thing a month before in two different areas and there was a huge improvement very noticeable. I have Never felt fleeced by someone giving me a filler ever before. After a couple days the swelling from sticking a needle into my face repeatedly went away with absolutely no improvement or change whatsoever and I know what I’m talking about. I have amazing results from the previous company I went to and always have. I was definitely lied to and fleeced.

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