Advance Fee Loan

Scam Type

Advance Fee Loan Scam

Date Reported

2023-05-05 00:00:00

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

I apply for a loan since i lost my job to pay some bills, in my email found a link takes you to a form to fill up asking name dob , adress tel , bank name , bank account number amd routing ssn and user name of my bank account and password of my bank account , when asked them why you guys asking for my password and user name of my personal bank account , their answer is : we want to check and see all your transaction history aince we giving you 8000$ as loan and i dis not submit for them my ssn or pssword or user name and asked him again saying if you change my password what will happend , he said oh we are not gonna change it , so i felt i am talking to an bollywood beginner scammer , i could not even umderstand what he was saying and i give them a calls 4 times to understand how they work and how the process is but i feel like waiting my time ,then decide to report it and share it to prevent others innocent people from having same issue and god knows of they are right or wrong i personally do not know..

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