Advance Fee Loan

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Advance Fee Loan Scam

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2023-05-03 00:00:00

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Unfortunately I have bad credit after a year of cancer treatment due to not being able to pay my debts off as I normally would have and I was in need of a loan to help get back on track. I was called initially by Sheldon Phillips there who said that I was approved for a loan. I could either get a co-signer, make a collateral payment or use my car title to get the loan. All options sounded legitimate. I however, didn’t have a co-signer available nor did I really want to use my car title. So I agreed to the collateral payment. It was initially $700 but then was told that the lender was asking for another $700 because they were concerned if I could pay back the loan. Honestly I was so desperate I agreed to not only that $700 but to an additional $750 which I now feel extremely stupid for doing so. We weren’t able to finish the process that day but the next day I spoke with a Natalie (ext. 407 there that finished the process. Then however, they were able to provide the loan through that lender which then she told me we could process a refund. I agreed to that but then was contacted by Natalie again a few days later saying they had found a new lender that could provide me the loan and I was put in touch with Walter (ext. 500). He said he had found a new lender and that the loan would be ready to go yesterday May 2nd. He told me if I didn’t hear from him by 12pm to call him. I called him but no answer so I left a message. A few hours went by, I didn’t see the funds come through and called again still no answer but left a message. I made a final attempt to reach him yesterday at 5:30 with no response. I waited til 10am today to try to call again and left another message with no response. I called a few hours later, no response and then I tried Natalie’s phone number also with no response. So I’m pretty sure that I have been scammed out of money that I really should have just held onto but the desperation to pay my bills with collector’s calling kind of took over. So now I am unable to pay my rent and my bills for the time being which is a pretty awful place to be in. Even if this company turns out to be legitimate which I highly doubt at this point I would never recommend them to anyone. I just really want to save people from the same heartache I just went through. I know the blame lies with me too for falling for it in the first place. If you need more information please let me know. I’m attaching the “loan document” to this as well.

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