Romance Scam

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Posting for a colleague. Older gentleman I work with asked me if I would marry someone that I had never seen or met in person for 3 million dollars. Explained to me that a “woman” he has been chatting with for well over 6 months has asked for his hand in marriage in order to “inherit” well over 3 million dollars. He was sent fake notarized documents from a fictional site set up to pose as an actual lawyer. Website that he used seemed and looked legit // All my coworker had to do was pay for the marriage license (700$), then he would be set to inherit the will. Even the communication was professional and did not have any wrong wordings in it. Immediate red flags in my brain when he asked me if it seemed legit. I am younger and aware of these scams, but I had to look out for this older man. I deep dove on to some websites, and eventually came across this post from r/scams about romantic inheritance scams.

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