Online Scam

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Date Reported:


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Total Dollars Lost:

$ 8000

Scam Description:

My father is 70 years old. He knows better. He has told people about scams and yet here he is.. being scammed. I’m sick to my stomach. I look after my mother who is also 70 and she’s having major panic attacks over this whole mess. A few months ago, my father wanted to buy an electric fishing motor. The man was in Canada, we are in Australia. I had an immediate red flag and I explained to my father he should not go through with this. I tried so hard to convince him not to go through with it but the guy convinced my father to send one half of the payment first 1250USD, and then he’ll send the motor. The guy sent details, not a tracking number and a photo of the motor. Another red flag. I said to my father again “please stop. don’t go and give him more money, the photo is not real. There is no motor.” It was a photo that I reversed searched to google. I showed this to him. But no, he sent the money via paypal. I tried to get in contact with paypal but because my father selected ‘friends and family’ as the scammer requested he do, there is nothing they can do. The man says the motor will be delivered, this was before easter. We waited til 5pm before we went away camping. Still no motor. But the man demanded by father pay him more money because the truck broke down. My father to this day has given them over 8000USD. I don’t know why my father doesn’t get it. He thinks that there is a motor. There’s no motor. He has threatened to kick me out of the house because I said I would tell my older sister. I’m stuck. I don’t know what to do. I’ve given the convos to his bank, i’ve reported the man to any scam agency I can find.. But my father just won’t listen. Even now he has just sent another 275USD when he promised me he wouldn’t. He lied to me again and I just don’t know what to do. I am in tears. I am 34, I just want my parents to have a happy life in their future retirement but my father has jeopardized this.

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