Online Scam

Business Name Used:

Growth Cave

Date Reported:


Victim Postal Code:


Total Dollars Lost:

$ 8.99

Scam Description:

PLEASE, people, do not sign up with Growth Cave. They will steal your money, ruin your credit score, and NEVER refund you. If you’re wise enough to research them before making a decision, this is your chance to RUN away as quickly as possible. If you are the one who fell for their scam, I’m so sorry. What they do: They advertise, “Stop wasting money on junk courses. Finally start getting results for yourself in 2023. Get private 1-on-1 mentorship with a coach holding your hand every step of the way.” You subscribe for $8.99 per month. Everything looks appealing and inviting, and you start to believe they can actually help you make money. There are also many motivational videos. They convince you to buy their course for $9,800, which you can pay all at once or divide into several payments. You agree to that too. You’re excited and sign the contract without even looking at it, only later realizing that you’ll be paying much more. But you want to make money, you’re desperate. They promise to create your own course for you to sell and guide you all the way, and you will start making money in two weeks guaranty! You’re extremely happy, thinking your life is going to change. You get access to their “course” with a bunch of pre-made videos that you have to follow. Alone. You try to get help from your assigned coach, but they don’t respond as often as you’d expect. Then they bounce you from one coach to another. You start getting frustrated and confused. No one helps you. But they do send you lots of emails selling you more stuff and invitations to Live Q&A where several coaches trying to ‘coache’ a big group of people all at once. You don’t give up and want to make it work. Months go by, and you’re still on your own, trying to sell a course that doesn’t exist because no one makes it for you. They convince you this is the new way to sell a digital product through social media. You need to learn the skills to sell something you don’t have yet. Also, you have to sign up for their additional platform, which is extremely complicated, confusing, and unnecessary, but it’s ‘important.’ By now, you’ve lost a lot of money paying for one-on-one mentorship that you did not receive. You had to take a second job to cover payments for the course that not only does not help you make money but actually helps you lose it. Now it’s time for them to sell you a super one-on-one course where they will ‘definitely’ guide you, but this costs $50,000. And this goes on and on and on… I wish I had done my research before I fell for this scam. Now my money is lost, and I am very broke, and they do not care. They target desperate people.

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