Online Scam

Business Name Used:


Date Reported:


Victim Postal Code:


Total Dollars Lost:

$ 1400

Scam Description:

Today, I received a text message to my personal phone number about work to be done on a residential property resently sold. On zillow, the property appeared as recently sold but the county appraiser’s website of the property’s location did not state same. The prospective client has never worked with me before nor was recommended by a previous client/acquaintance. Said client stated he would mail me a check for $4000 and some and that I could begin the work once the check cleared. My fee was $1,140.00 and the prospective client stated he was sending me $4000 so that I could give the remainder of the funds to his supplier who did not accept checks. I asked said prospective client where his supplier was located so that I could hand them the funds. Alternatively, I would hand the funds over to them at the job site where they were to be at (per my direction) when I was to commence the work. He advised that he got his suppliers from Loews which made this all the more weird.

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