Online Scam

Business Name Used:

Johnny Millionare

Date Reported:


Victim Postal Code:


Total Dollars Lost:

$ 200

Scam Description:

My grandma has been contacted by a facebook scammer who goes by “John Millionaire.” Once we (the rest of the family) found out, she had already sent them $200 or so dollars. My grandma is not very fluent in English or with technology. We live in the US by the way. I believe the ploy is “you give me money via gift cards and I send you money in a package that 10 times more than what you gave me.” The first “person” to contact her was John Millionaire’s “assistant.” We blocked the “assistant” as soon as we found out. And have tried repeatedly to explain to my grandmother that these are scammers. She will not believe us. She doesn’t want us to go through her phone anymore. My brother and I managed to get her password and chat sync pin to try and monitor her, but these scammers just keep making new accounts. My grandmother doesn’t drive or have her own money, but any money she has been given, she walks to the corner store and buys Apple/Amazon gift cards to send to the scammers”

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