‘You got some Karen’s in ur area’: Coffee shop customer orders latte with no foam, sparking debate – The Daily Dot

Lauren Castro
Posted on Sep 13, 2022
Since the beginning of the pandemic, the restaurant industry has faced a downward trend in regards to treatment of staff and pay. TikTok has become a place to discuss such issues, provide dining hacks, and support when there’s a tough day in the office.
In a viral video, TikToker Brandon Tyler (@panerasputhylips) shared an interesting request by a customer at the restaurant he works for in Michigan.
“What does it mean when someone orders a latte without the foam? Like do I really have to sit here and scoop it out?” he said. “I should’ve told them no.”

Technically, a latte without foam is classified as a flat white. The foam is notoriously the best part of a latte, and is often used for baristas to make latte art. 
“I’m gonna sweat in it,” Tyler said as he continued to scoop out foam. “Jesus Christ, my ass is sweating.”
The comments section is divided between users offering help and advice versus those who believe it’s a normal ask. 
“Just….don’t aerate it,” one user sarcastically suggested to which Tyler responded, “No one… knows… that.”
“Bestie, just leave the nozzle in the bottom when steaming the milk, it’s ok,” another user commented.
“It means ur not getting a tip babe. You got some Karen’s in ur area,” a third user said. 
“They wanted a flat white,” another user commented. Tyler responded, saying “right they should of just said that so I could of Googled it.”
Although the restaurant often receives odd requests, Tyler, who preferred not to share the name of his establishment, told the Daily Dot that they’re “very accommodating.”
Lauren Castro is a reporter based in Austin, Texas.
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