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We have respect for customer services people…

We have respect for customer services people…
Remember that old saying: “The customer is always right.” 
Well, in the world of customer service, that saying is always, always looked upon as the formula to follow. 
Until the customer becomes so cheeky and rude that you realise that statement or belief is actually not in line with the way we have evolved as humans. 
A customer care employee at a car dealership recently shared a situation with an unreasonable customer. She decided to share the incident with others on social media. 
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Now, over the years, an over-the-top, unreasonable or rude person has been branded a “Karen”. 
And so that is what the customer service agent called this woman who was being completely unreasonable. 
In the video we see the woman, who goes by the username NOASAGI_ on TikTok, starting off by saying, “When it’s been a rough day at work” and consequently pouring a gin out in her cup. 
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On the call she is speaking to a customer who missed her car appointment at the dealership. 
The employee explains to her that she received a reminder text and phone call and as she still missed her appointment, the dealership won’t be able to help her out today. 
The woman was not understanding or apologetic for missing her appointment, but was just focused on demanding that they make a space for her to bring her car in on that day. 
However, there was no way around it…
The employee just reached her wits end after staying cool, calm, and collected. 
WATCH what happens below, courtesy of Instagram
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