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Popeyes employees jump a customer during a heated altercation for attempting to throw an item at the cashier and run away!
Popeyes the restaurant is back in the headlines, and not for good reasons. This year, Popeyes locations around the United States have been home to a lot of drama.
Early this year, a man went into one of the locations and berated the staff. He made all kinds of insulting comments towards the staff and when the patrons inside the restaurant saw what he was doing, they decided to record him.
As a result, the video was shared on social media millions of times. Once again, Popeyes is home to a similar situation.
On Twitter, a video began to circulate of almost the entire Popeyes staff, the location unknown, getting into it with a customer who was placing an order. When the video begins, it shows the customer clearly saying something that offended the cashier. In turn, the same cashier throws an unseen item at the customer, presumably some condiments.
As a result, the customer throws some items back. After that, other staff members came from the back to confront the woman. Watch the video below retrieved from Twitter user @HoodComedyEnt.
LMAOOO the whole Popeyes staff joined in to fight her 😭😭😭 pic.twitter.com/69le1rESf8
— Hood Comedy (@HoodComedyEnt) December 10, 2022

At the end of the video, you can see that it takes 2 male employees and the man with the woman to break up the fight. You can also hear maybe the person recording or just a spectator asks if there were any chicken sandwiches available, to which the employees reply no!
Have you ever had an altercation while working in a restaurant or while ordering? Let us know about your experience in the comments!
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