Verizon expands coverage in Upstate – UPSTATE BUSINESS … – Upstate Business Journal

To prepare for 5G to be used in homes and businesses, Verizon has expanded its Upstate network footprint.
The phone and internet provider has added towers and fiber to expand its network coverage and capacity to customers in:
While the company has been expanding its coverage, it has also been working on a multi-year redesign to upgrade its network systems to stay ahead of customer demand as the Upstate population grows and more people utilize 5G services such as mobile, home and business internet, said Karen Schulz, spokesperson for global network and technology with Verizon.
“We have been undertaking a pretty massive, multi-year redesign of our network,” said Schulz. “The goal of that is to consolidate and modernize the network to ensure that customers that are using the network in very, very different ways today can do that reliably but also directionally we are staged for the inevitable growth that 5G is going to bring.”
The company’s networking redesign includes:
Verizon plans to keep upgrading its network and has not announced a completion date.

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