‘TikTok has me trying new bread at Publix’: Publix customer shares hack to not getting the ‘hard brick bread’ when ordering sandwich – The Daily Dot

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Phil West
Posted on Jan 16, 2023
A customer determined that you don’t have to settle for what they call “hard brick bread” when ordering a sandwich at Publix, sharing a sandwich hack in a now-viral TikTok.
TikToker LandeeJ (@landeeJ) posted a pair of videos that have racked up more than 500,000 views.
In the first one, the creator noted, “TikTok has me trying new bread at Publix.” The video showed sandwiches made with what several commenters confirmed is White Mountain Bread, which the grocery chain sells.
According to a page on its website, Publix wrote, “We sprinkle the light eggshell crust of this made-from-scratch bread, baked fresh every day, with a little flour, so it lives up to its lofty name. Its moist, tender texture gives it a larger-than-life taste.”
Text overlay read, “I told Publix I didn’t want that hard brick bread,” an apparent dig at Publix’s default sandwich bread.
In the second video, via the comments section, LandeeJ revealed the whole sandwich hack for what they are calling “my new thing.”
The recipe is “mountain sandwich bread that they get from the bakery, chicken tenders tossed in sweet Sriracha sauce, provolone cheese with Mayo toasted with lettuce, ranch, banana peppers, green peppers and black pepper and diced tomatoes.”
My new thing😫😋
That made some people eager to try the sandwich hack, with one commenter responding to the recipe with, “Going there tomorrow to disturb the peace because of the video.”
Another, who tried the sandwich hack, reported back, “The people at my Publix don’t even toss the tenders in the sauce.”
The creator advised, “Welp go to another one or be a Karen get a manager.”
In the first video, the revelation about White Mountain Bread included comments from a number of people who were already in on the secret.
“That bread isn’t new,” one commenter said, with a series of laughing emojis following.
The creator responded, “Well, it was new to me” with her own laughing emoji.
Another came to LandeeJ’s defense, noting, “She never said it was new; she said she’s trying a new bread.”
Landee J responded, “Thank youuu, I think everyone is slow.”
One fan noted, “People BEEN sleep on mountain bread. Literally can ask them to make your [sub] on any bread in the bakery area.”
Another expressed concern that this sandwich hack would slow down the deli, though, observing, “The Publix sandwich line already long and slow AS IT ISSSSS,” and adding, with a laughing emoji, “Man they really gon snap on y’all lmaooo.”
The Daily Dot reached out to Landee J via TikTok comment and to Publix via email.

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