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TheOneSpy launches the latest version 3.5 for TOSDesk App with updated and new features. This update supports multi-languages with easy-to-navigate functions.
SALEM, MA, USA, November 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — TheOneSpy has launched a new version of the TOSDesk app 3.5 with a unique and exclusive set of features. Now download our TOSDesk application. The user can Experience fast and instant monitoring results without logging into the web. Our mobile viewer app has also come up with new features. —multiple language support to the latest version. Further, use screen Time, call alert, SMS alert, and notification alert features. Users can also use app performance and create bug status in the new TOSDesk app 3.5 versions.
TheOneSpy introduces the latest and updated version of its TOSDesk app with version 3.5. The most exciting part of the current update is the addition of new and exclusive features. Now the user can experience monitoring on target devices with a new level of acceleration. Users can get instant, and fast results, because the TOSDesk app prevents them from logging into the web control panel.
The end user can download the app from the Google Play Store, set it up on their mobile desktop, and log into it. Further, the customer can use a new feature set that provides data on the target device. TheOneSpy has added new features in its mobile viewer app –TOSDesk, like multiple language support. It means
Users can translate the data of the target device from their language into their mother or supportive language. Suppose the purchaser doesn't know anything about the French language, and the target device is monitored with French messages. Then they can use the multiple language support feature to translate the French text messages into English. So, the customer can easily read the text messages and get to know what their target person is saying in their letters and chat conversations.
TOSDesk app now offers screen Time features in its dashboard. Users can use it to set parental controls and restrict someone from accessing particular apps on the target device. It is a feature that can block every separate app employers, or parents believe is inappropriate for the target person. So, screen time empowers to block apps like Facebook, Snapchat, gaming apps, and every app on cell phones. It blocks applications from 1 hour up to 12 hours.
Call Alert is one of the best features added to the TOSDesk app. whenever an app user has added a number for a call alert using the TOSDesk app., it will receive a notification that an incoming call is detected from an added number on the target device. Users can add call alerts via the TOSDesk app, which will keep notifying the user on the dashboard application installed on their device. So, users, like parents and employers, can set call alerts on their teens and business phones. Parents will get alerts of predators, and employers can catch the disgruntled employees secretly.
TOSDesk has introduced another feature, which is the SMS Alert feature. It will send alerts whenever the target device receives SMS or text messages from an added number. Users will receive SMS alerts on the TOSDesk app.
The notification Alert Feature is another feature added to the TOSDesk application. Users can get instant alert notifications whenever a suspicious text, call, and SMS is detected on the TOSDesk app. It means when a user adds the keyword in the notification alert feature using the TOSDesk app, like call, text, SMS, and others. Then the user will receive a notification that particular activity has happened on the target device. Users will keep receiving alerts about calls, SMS, and other keywords that have been added to the notification alert feature.
TOSDesk has come up with an alert history feature. It would be the history of all the notification alerts received on the user's TOSDesk app. So, users can see how many notification alerts have been accepted to stay updated about the target device activities. Users can know what actions the target person has done on the target device by watching the alert history on the TOSDesk app. Alert history will not be removed from the mobile viewer app; users can see the alert notifications anytime.
View created Bug status is another feature the customer can use via the dashboard app installed on the mobile desktop. It is a feature added because, in the past, users needed to know whether the created bug, either for the camera or microphone, has been sent or received on the target device. Now TOSDesk app has created a Bug status feature that the user can see on the mobile dashboard. Users can see the developed bug status whenever a user has sent a bug on the target device. The user will know whether the bug has been sent or not.
TOSDesk can enhance the performance of TheOneSpy because users can get fast and instant monitoring results. Users can quickly get their hands on the data that TheOneSpy has monitored on the target device. Users can see the logs of text messages, calls, IM voice calls, and GPS locations. Users can watch the target device with the newly added features in the TOSDesk application. Now get instant screen time results, translate target device messages, and chat language, and view call alerts in no time. The TheOneSpy dashboard enhances app performance by syncing data the shopper can see with a single tap.
About TheOneSpy:
TheOneSpy is a company that has plenty of monitoring products or cellphones, and computer devices. It offers products compatible with android, iPhones, windows, and MAC devices. Users can use the application to set parental controls on kids' phones and PCs. Further, monitor employees' business-owned devices for security and productivity. So, TheOneSpy has received positive feedback from parents and employers.
TOSDesk is the dashboard app of TheOneSpy that users can download and install on their mobile desktops. It is handy for having fast and friendly monitoring activities on another phone or PC. Users can get their hands on every action someone has performed on their cell phone or computer devices.
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