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SEATTLE — Local Photographer Karen Mason-Blair captured many iconic photos of the grunge movement in the 90s.
She was at ground zero when bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam took the scene. She quickly became a favorite and friend of some of the world’s biggest rock bands.
“If I’m going to describe the grunge movement in two words, it’s love and support” Blair said.
Her photos appear on many albums, as well as many published magazines nationally and internationally, her style helped her capture intimate moments that will always live on in rock history.
“My photos are very relational,” Blair said. “I want to capture their essence, I want to capture their beauty.”
Is not a secret that her images and work is admired by many grunge fans. For this same reason, Blair created a unique Grunge experience call the “Retro Photo Session” where you get the opportunity to recreate her famous Kurt Cobain portrait.
“How cool would it be to have my son and Kurt Cobain having that same iconic photo side by side, shot by this same iconic photographer, and signed at the bottom?” a customer said.
You can now have a exclusive print of you and Kurt both signed by Karen, even a set of sunglasses just like the old picture.
“This is the coolest piece of memorabilia I can probably ever buy” said Christian Castro. “I think it’s a really awesome once in a lifetime kind of experience.”
More importantly, you get to meet the charisma and personality of the photographer that gained the trust of many Rockstars.
“She’s one of the most loving people you’ll ever meet.” a customer said. “If you don’t feel like she’s a friend when you walk away, then you weren’t at the photoshoot.”
This Retro Photo Session runs between $200 and $350.
Want more of her photos? Checkout her book “The Flannel Years” where you can see over 150 photos, and even previously unreleased grunge photos by Karen with a foreword by Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic.
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