Sydney business shames customer on 'Karen wall' after a complaint about non-delivery during floods – Daily Mail

By Miriah Davis For Daily Mail Australia


A business has come up with a hilarious way to name and shame difficult customers who send in outrageous complaints. 
In a video uploaded to TikTok on Wednesday, @dessertboxes unveiled their new ‘Karen Mail’ wall which showcases ridiculous emails from disgruntled customers. 
The very first addition to the wall includes an email from a customer who was unhappy the business couldn’t make a delivery due to flooding in Sydney’s west.
In a video uploaded to TikTok on Wednesday, @dessertboxes unveiled their new ‘Karen Mail’ wall (pictured)
‘I’m emailing to say how disappointed I am,’ the complaint reads. 
‘I know that there has been some rain lately but it’s ridiculous that your driver didn’t deliver the box today because the area my friend lives in is flooded. 
‘I bet he didn’t even try to deliver it. What do you expect me to do now. She didn’t get her brownie and now she thinks I don’t care. 
‘I’m sure it wasn’t that bad to get to and he was being lazy. Not happy at all.’
The walls features ridiculous emails sent to the business from Karen customers 
One customer complained their delivery wasn’t made due to flooding in Western Sydney (pictured)
Owner Samantha Khater told Daily Mail Australia they received the email around two weeks ago when a number of western Sydney suburbs were ravaged by floods.
‘Werrington [the delivery address] was flooded and SES crew weren’t letting any cars through,’ she said. 
‘We responded saying that we won’t be putting our driver in danger, and that it would be delivered the next day. Karen obviously wasn’t very happy.’
Ms Khater said the business has received other ridiculous complaints and offered a sneak peek at the next email to be featured on their Karen Mail wall:
‘My son just received a box from his God Mother. I went onto your website and the box is a party brownie.
‘When he opened the box there was a green candle and a pink candle. Why would you send a boy a pink candle?
‘The message clearly says Happy Birthday Bryan. Bryan is obviously a boy’s name. Why would you send a pink candle? 
‘We obviously didn’t use that candle and threw it out. Not sure how hard it was to just put a blue one. NEVER USING YOU AND TELLING EVERYONE.’ 
Dessert Boxes is a Sydney-based business which delivers gift boxes containing sweets and treats as well as donut bouquets across Australia. 
A ‘Karen’ is a term for a self-righteous woman, sometimes racist and usually middle-aged, who tells people how to do their jobs, asserts their rights and complains to the manager.
The term became popular in meme culture on internet forum Reddit to describe problematic women.
A Karen meme is often combined with the quote: ‘Can I speak to the manager?’
The male version of a ‘Karen’ is sometimes referred to as a ‘Kevin’.
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