Stoke-on-Trent chippy selling 40 battered Mars Bars a week – Stoke-on-Trent Live

Catch of the Day, in Northwood, is a must for chocolate lovers
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Chocolate lovers are in for a treat if they visit a North Staffordshire chippy – as they are selling battered Mars Bars. Catch of the Day on Vincent Street, Northwood, sells around 40 of the sweet treats a week – but I wasn't there to try a Mars Bar, rather a portion of fish and chips.
After parking right outside the chippy, I was greeted by the friendly face of owner Karen Bains. The fish was cooked to order, taking around 10 minutes and as I was the only customer in the shop, Karen chatted to me throughout.
She told me she sells 40 battered Mars bars each week and that her customers were disappointed as her supplier had recently run out.
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She said: “We sell loads and loads of them to kids and adults but we’ve just run out! I’ll have to try to get some more tomorrow.”
After Karen handed me my paper wrapped parcel, I headed back to my car to dig in. The food set me back a very competitive £4.60. And although I ordered fish and chips without any sauce, a hot sauce was included in the price.
The chips were a mix between crispy and chewy. The portion size wasn’t bursting out of the box but it was just right.
The batter on the fish was satisfyingly crunchy and inside the fish fell apart on the fork. The meal had very little excess oil making the lunch more refreshing than you’d expect.
As I finished my tasty meal I thought back to the previous day where I grudgingly paid £4.60 for a coffee at a chain in the city.
I popped back in to have a chat with Karen to find out more about the shop. Karen, 52, from Trentham owns the chip shop with her husband Kael Bains.
The pair have had the chippy for the last eleven years and say the shop goes back at least 40 years.
Karen said: “We have increased the prices a bit but we won’t go over the top. Even the customers say other chip chops are charging more than we’re charging.
“The customers say what lovely food it is, it’s fresh and they don’t mind waiting. They know we cook it fresh and it comes out nice.”
I couldn’t agree more with Karen’s customers, and with a Google rating of 4.5/5, it seems other visitors feel exactly the same.
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