"Panera Karen" Starts Viral Debate After She Was Refused Service Over Child – iHeart

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The internet is torn over this now-viral video that’s started quite the moral debate after a woman was refused service at a Panera Bread because her daughter was "yelling". Do you think this woman is in the right?
In the video clip, a Panera Bread drive-thru worker refused to take a woman’s order because her little girl was screaming.
The exchange between the employee and the customer had already happened by the time the woman started filming it.
Viewers who commented on the video gave their opinions of the situation with one saying, "I’m a mom and I’m team Panera guy! He handled this well and he didn’t deserve her condescending tone!"
Another said, "It’s hard enough to communicate through those speakers without a kid screaming. She would’ve been just as mad if her order was wrong. Team Panera guy!"
But the self-proclaimed "Panera Karen" posted a follow-up video saying she’s going to meet with management, and further elaborated saying that the manager didn’t seem to agree with "the majority of the comments".
No updates as to what happened after her meeting, but if there’s a part 3, I’ll be sure to have it posted here, as the saga continues!