New Cotswold pub landlords make the 'best pies you'll ever taste' – Gloucestershire Live

‘“This pub ticks all of the boxes for us. I wanted a countryside pub, which has letting rooms and a restaurant’
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New faces are at the helm of a Cotswold pub and the couple are looking forward to meeting everyone who will come through the doors of the 16th century building. Both love cooking and there are plans to develop the menu, but word has it the pies are the best people have ever tasted.
The Black Horse Inn in North Nibley has new landlords, a couple, Karen Screen, 55 and Darren Yates, 44. They met when Karen was managing a pub come restaurant in Weymouth and they have embarked on this new chapter together taking on a five year lease of the premises.
Karen has been in the running of pubs for around eight years and Darren has worked predominantly as a chef. Yet together they are very hands on working together in all aspects of the business.
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Both Karen and Darren had waited for a pub like The Black Horse Inn to become available. They had been looking for a traditional country pub, which also has letting rooms and a restaurant, so it ticked all of their boxes.
Karen said: “I have been working in the pub industry for about eight years now. I have leased and managed pubs in the countryside, towns and the coast.
“I met my partner Darren when I was managing a pub restaurant in Weymouth and we decided to look at leasing a pub together.”
During lockdown Karen says when she had to close her pub to the public, she started a business making pies. Today she still has people placing orders for her homemade pies.
Karen said: “I spent ten years in France and worked in hospitality when I was there. I saw how close the community was over there.
“Food is a big focus on the day in France and everyone cooks from scratch. It was lovely how neighbours would bring you a bag of fruits and vegetables which they had grown and they would share it with you.
“I asked one of the chefs who I worked with to teach me how to cook from scratch. They agreed to give me cooking lessons in return for me cutting their family’s hair.
“As I had learned to cook from scratch, I decided during lockdown I would set up a pie making business. I was basically in a pub on my own and I thought I would give it a try.
“I had lots of orders come through for the homemade pies and especially so for Father’s Day. It was a real success and I make and sell these pies for us now.”
Karen says the location of the pub is perfect and she is looking forward to meeting so many new people and getting to know the regulars. She and Darren have been speaking to customers about what nights and events to be held at the pub.
Karen said: “This pub ticks all of the boxes for us. I wanted a countryside pub, which has letting rooms and a restaurant.
“At the moment we are serving the standard traditional pub food such as your steaks, lasagnes, fish and chips and of course the homemade pies. We have three meats available on a Sunday, these at the moment are pork, beef, chicken and a veggie supreme, and we do believe in trying to buy and source what we serve locally as possible.
“We are able to host larger groups as well as still offer a table with the ambience for a couple to enjoy a romantic meal. The regulars will still have the bar as there is so much space and one customer mentioned having a quiz night held again..
“In the future I hope to be able to open the function rooms for events and parties. There is so much to do.
“We are looking forward to becoming part of the community here.”