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Cluster, a data provider for marketplaces and online retailers that has compiled a catalog of over a billion products, announced on Wednesday (Nov. 23) that it has forged a strategic partnership with the French eCommerce marketplace software provider Mirakl.
Cluster’s tools and features will now be available to marketplaces using Mirakl’s Connect platform.
“Using machine learning and artificial intelligence to successfully set up or scale their marketplaces is top priority for retailers. Cluster is providing them with access to data from millions of sellers — all at the click of a button so that they can achieve this seamless curation at scale,” Ori Greenberg, the CEO of Cluster said in a press release.
Jean-Gabriel de Mourgues, executive vice president of connect and growth solutions at Mirakl, said, “Our partnership with Cluster will enable Mirakl-powered marketplaces to further scale their curated product assortment by leveraging a 1 billion-rich database of products.
“For our customers, this means they are best equipped to provide the exceptional customer experience in line with growing consumer and buyer demand,” he added.
With the incorporation of Cluster’s data, the Mirakl platform will further empower online marketplaces to set prices and personalize their users’ experiences.
As Eric Heurtaux, Mirakl’s chief financial officer, told PYMNTS earlier this year, “Tomorrow, I think, what the consumer on the marketplace will want is, ‘Show me what matters to me. Show me what I am more likely to be interested in.’”
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Mirakl enhanced its capacity to offer marketplace personalization solutions through the acquisition of Target2Sell in April.
With the latest Cluster partnership, Mirakl’s marketplace clients will a wealth of data available to inform their product curation.
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