McDonald's worker praised for kicking 'entitled' customer out of drive-thru – Yahoo News

A video of a McDonald’s employee kicking a man out of a drive-thru has gone viral, but probably not for reasons the customer expected.
TikToker @ghettogaragebuilds shared clips of a McDonald’s employee berating a customer at a drive-thru window for repeatedly asking workers to remake his drink.
Two versions of the video were posted online – the first being 37 seconds long, and a six-second clip of the incident that went viral with over 6.2 million views.
The longer version shows the root of the problem, which turned out to be the customer claiming there wasn’t enough flavouring in his drink.
“It’s all on the bottom, see? And now go to a different store. We will not be serving you anymore,” the employee says before her colleague shuts the window.
The customer then proceeds to ask why he would not be served anymore.
“Because every single time we make your drink it is wrong. Obviously, we cannot satisfy you the first time and we’re done trying. So, get out of my drive-thru,” the frustrated employee responds. “And you guys called my employee vulgar names.”
Comments by viewers of the video, which was shot in the US, have been quite unsympathetic to the customer, with most taking the employee’s side.
“I like her, she’s not McHaving it anymore! Customers, stop being exhausting it’s just fast food,” one viewer commented.
“Why do I have a feeling that she is in the 100% right here?” another asked.
“I think we’re all on her side,” one viewer wrote.
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Other viewers, some of which were from the service industry, went on to criticise the seemingly difficult customer.
“It’s McDonald’s not a fancy coffee shop. People really be expecting the most for less,” one person added.
“Customers act like they’re paying for cashiers’ insurance with their entitled behavior. Drive on,” commented another.
Another TikTok user wanted McDonald’s to take the matter further. “@McDonald’s we love this lady! Give her a raise and promotion. Customers don’t have the right to abuse employees,” he lobbied.
This was supported by some other viewers, including one who claimed to know the woman in the video. “She’s amazing. I worked with her for 8 years before I left McDonald’s. She’s actually the GM of that location,” the person commented.
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