‘Karen’ wrecks her car trying to cut McDonald’s drive-thru line in viral TikTok – Dexerto

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Kawter Abed is a London-based Entertainment Writer at Dexerto. She covers mainstream celebrities and the biggest TikTok trends. Kawter has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Media, and a Master’s in International Journalism. When she's not covering celebrities and TikTok stories, she enjoys reading, binging shows on Netflix, and playing nostalgic Nintendo games. You can contact her at [email protected]A ‘Karen’ has gone viral on TikTok for throwing a tantrum after wrecking her own car while trying to cut into a McDonald’s drive thru line.
Content creator Vidalia (lavendermintmom) filmed and shared a TikTok video of a young woman stepping out of a white crossover SUV that appeared to be scratched on both driver’s side doors.
In the viral clip, which has amassed over 8.7 million views, a woman is seen standing outside of the car, while shouting into the windshield of the TikToker recording her.
A text overlay in the video reads, “girl cut me in line and swiped her own car when I wouldn’t ‘back up to let her in.”
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After yelling at the TikToker, the ‘Karen‘ leaned over to take a look at the scratches on her car, before the video cut.
According to Vidalia, the young woman attempted to “kick in” her car window.
“This was crazy and she even tried to kick in my window. She did end up getting her cheeseburgers tho…wonder if it was worth it for her,” she wrote in the comments.
In an updated video, the TikToker also showed the lead-up to the woman attempting to cut the McDonald’s drive-thru line. The text overlay in the clip reads: “she literally just shot in like there was somewhere to go!!!”
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In this video, which has over 680,000 views, the drive-thru customer is clearly seen attempting to cram herself in between other cars, instead of driving around to the back of the line.
Vidalia said the police came, but the officer said that, because McDonald’s was private property, he couldn’t get involved in the dispute.
The angry customer also tried to lie to the officer, saying the TikToker cut in front of her and that’s why her car was damaged, but the cop didn’t investigate the matter further.