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Mar. 14 2023, Published 1:47 p.m. ET
A TikTok account uploaded a video of a restaurant customer expressing his shock to a waitress over the price of a shot. In the clip, he exclaims in disbelief that the price of a shot is $27 and begins asking her whether or not she believes this is a fair price.
He even references another high-end restaurant, Nobu, stating that he doesn’t even think that the establishment charges that much for a single shot of alcohol.
There are a few things to consider: the first is that it’s not specified exactly what the man was drinking. Using Nobu as a reference alcoholic beverages vary greatly in pricing from $16 to hundreds of dollars, depending on what you’re ordering.
While it doesn’t appear that “shot” pricing is included on Nobu’s menu online, the restaurant is known for some high-end liquors, including its own $500 bottle of limited-edition tequila; and that’s not even the brand’s priciest option.
The TikTok video of the baffled customer sparked a debate on the popular social media platform.
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The conversation between the customer and server goes as follows: “Yeah hi I’m so sorry. I just, I’m just trying to justify $27 a shot, like I feel like Nobu doesn’t even have that. I’m like-“
The server then responds, “I mean that just is our pricing here. Everywhere is gonna be different.”
The man continues to look at the receipt, “But that’s like, do you not find that as like robbery, it’s $27 a shot.”
“I mean I don’t make the rules. I don’t make the payments.” the server replies.
“Who does?” the guy asks.
“I would imagine the owner or the higher-up managers.”
The man then looks towards his camera in disbelief. “Yo, that’s crazy.”
There were some TikTokers who agreed that the man was justified in being as shocked as he was to be paying $27 for a single shot, however, they did think that he should’ve taken a look at the price list, or asked the server prior to ordering.
“To be fair, $27 per shot is out of this world. I’ve never heard a shot being that much ever before in my life. That said, gotta look at the price list,” one user wrote.
Another said, “Not a Karen. Id ask also.”
Others were a little more straightforward in their criticism of the customer: “next time be smarter to ask how much shots are”
“Did u not look at the prices”
“‘Excuse me. How much is it for a shot of’ you can do it next time. I have faith in you.”
Some thought it was embarrassing that the customer thought the internet would be on his side just because he decided to record and upload his reaction to the bill for others to see.
“The most embarrassing part is that he had to have thought he was right because he uploaded this to the internet”
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