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Melody Heald
Posted on Oct 21, 2022
‘Karens,’ they’re everywhere. At some point, everyone will encounter one, whether directly or watching one in action. In a viral TikTok video, a man was part of the latter, recording himself and his experience with a ‘Karen’ at a Walgreens.
The video, uploaded by user Malakai (@literallystfuliya), shows her boyfriend as he records a conversation between himself and a ‘Karen’ at a Walgreens location. There’s not much context provided except it sounds like the Karen was “inconveniencing everyone behind her,” without a care in the world. This led to the TikToker calling out the woman, stating how “it’s obvious” since this behavior is a “common occurrence with her age group.”
The video amassed over 660,000 views as of Friday with many viewers praising Malakai for putting the ‘Karen’ in her place.
“Amazing!!!!! Common occurrence with the age group straight facts,” one viewer praised.
“Props to him for speaking up,” a second commended.
“Love it! I wish so badly people would do this more often,” a third said.
“it really is mainly one age group too,” another pointed out.
Malakai responded to the comment, saying, “the video cuts off but she goes ‘and what’s my age group?!’ and he said, ‘old as dirt.’”
Other viewers claiming to be current and former customer service employees agree that the line of work is a breeding ground for ‘Karens.’
“Karen’s live at Walgreens. I deal with so many if them on a daily basis,” one person stated.
“I use to work at Walgreens and that age group loved harassing me since I opened the door to closing,” a second agreed.
“As someone who’s worked in customer service for 9 years I can confirm it is her age group. and only her age group honestly,” another concurred.
At the request of many viewers, Malakai posted a follow-up video, with her boyfriend providing background to the situation. In the clip, he says it was around 8:30 or 9 in the morning when he thought he heard someone being disrespectful while checking out. He brushed it off but the ‘Karen’ ended up being right in front of him after the man in front of him allowed him to check out first. The woman in question was struggling to use the chip reader on her card and that’s when he offered to help her. After helping her out, she tells him, “it would’ve been easier if you smiled when you said it.” That’s when the situation allegedly went sour.
Malakai’s boyfriend called out the ‘Karen’ for being disrespectful. He even shares how he stands up for folks working in retail because that’s what he always wished for when he worked in retail. He ends the video by explaining that he called out the woman for her age group because she did the same thing when she called him a millennial.
The Daily Dot reached out to Malakai for comment via TikTok comment.

Melody Heald is a culture writer. Her work can be found in Glitter Magazine, BUST Magazine, and more.
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