Inflation is making pies a little pricier this Thanksgiving – KERO 23 ABC News Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — The price of Thanksgiving dinner went up this year, but it isn’t only retail customers feeling inflation’s pinch. One local baker has had to make some changes in order to keep her customers happy while minimizing the financial hit to her business.
Jennifer Mebane, the owner of Cornerstone Bakery in Bakersfield, says that inflation-related price hikes on basic ingredients like eggs and milk have made the most impact.
“We used to be paying around fifteen cents per egg, and that price has jumped up to about forty five cents per egg,” said Mebane. “Definitely a huge increase in the cost for production for us.”
Mebane adds that the increases in production costs translate into higher prices for customers, and that makes running her business more difficult.
“It’s the holiday season, so we always see an uptick in sales during the holiday season. I think people are being a little more careful with their money right now,” said Mebane. “It just makes it a little bit more challenging when everybody sees the cost of goods going up.”
With prices increasing for baked goods, many Kern residents, including customer Karen Batter, are choosing to swallow the extra cost so they can keep eating their favorite pies.
“We got four different kinds of pies, including a cheesecake that my nieces wanted, and pumpkin, chocolate, and apple,” said Batter.
Mebane says the price for pies has increased by almost five dollars per pie compared to last year, but she hopes that won’t stop customers from getting their Thanksgiving pie. Unlike some other Thanksgiving essentials, there’s no shortage on pie this year, so there should be plenty for everyone.
Mebane puts it best; “Everybody needs pie for Thanksgiving!”


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