I was dress coded by ‘Karen’ manager over my outfit in shop – she wouldn’t serve me, I’m livid… – The Scottish Sun

A SCOTS singer claims she was treated like a criminal by an Argos manager – and she reckons it was because of her outfit.
Stephanie Cheape was hoping to return an electrical item she’d bought for someone as a gift and exchange it for a more expensive one.
However the 27-year-old told her more than 100,000 TikTok followers that she was met with hostility – claiming the employee even refused to speak to head office after they tried to intervene.
Stephanie, who had just returned from recording music in London, said the whole situation at a branch in Scotland left her embarrassed.
She said: “This is why you should never judge a book by its cover.
“I tried to return something in Argos and I was wearing a hoody.
“I was having a particularly lazy day, it was a chilled one, I wore a hoody and joggers.
“The manager refused to help me, she refused to speak to me even though I followed all the policy guidelines of receipt, proof of purchase and the item unused in its original packaging.
“She then told me I’d need to speak to head office if I want to complain or get more advice.
“I called head office and they were like ‘no, she’s wrong, you can return it.”
“Again, with head office on the phone, she refuses to speak to head office.
“l’m physically shaking inside because I absolutely hate confrontation and it was really embarrassing
“She comes out with a camera and puts it in my face and says ‘I’m now filming you for my safety’.
“Have you seen me? I’m literally the softest spoken person, I would not ever be rude to anyone and she treated me like an absolute criminal.”
Stephanie added: “I said she didn’t have permission to film me.

“It was not necessary, this wasn’t a horrible situation, we were just speaking.
“I understand the public are difficult and you do get crazy customers but I wasn’t one, I was literally just trying to return something in a chilled way.
“And because I was wearing a hoody – and I know it was because of the way I looked – she totally judged me and didn’t want to help me which resulted in her totally embarrassing me.
“I will never ever go back.
“My advice if you’re returning something would be don’t shop in Argos and don’t wear a hoody if you’re taking it back because they judge you.”
It's understood Stephanie was later able to make the exchange at a different Argos store.
An Argos spokesperson said: “We’re looking into Ms Cheape’s experience to understand what happened on this occasion. We can confirm the customer received a full refund.”
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