I get trolled for being a Hooters girl but I don’t care, they’re just ‘keyboard Karens’… – The US Sun

A HOOTERS girl has hollered at her haters and called them out for their incessant shaming.
The proud restaurant worker requested that "keyboard Karens" unfollow her if they were not going to be nice.
Nikki Beth (@nikkibethfit) posted a video, hoping these crude commenters would stop harassing her.
The blonde TikToker with over 54,000 followers is proud of where she works and doesn't want to be criticized anymore.
Outside on a patio, Nikki stood with her hands pressed together against her chest.
She donned her Hooters get-up: black booty shorts and a cropped T-shirt.
Around her waist, Nikki wore her apron filled with paper straws and a notebook. Knee-high socks completed the look.
"Everyone that wants to be mean/troll comments of complete strangers," the caption read.
Nikki mouthed the words to the background music: "That s**t makes me bad s**t crazy."
In the comments, she wrote: "Is it really that hard to just be a nice person or scroll past?
"If you don’t like Hooters or disagree with what I do, just block me. Don’t try to be a keyboard Karen."
Though the haters were on her mind, only supportive individuals commented on the video.
A supportive fan exclaimed: "Keep it up, you are a pro at dance expressions!"
"Sorry people be mean to you. I really like your videos and you are my favorite TikToker. Keep it up, I'm am your best fan," an excited man admitted.
Nikki focuses her platform around her life working at the restaurant franchise.
She posts "get ready with me" videos and shares customer stories with her followers.
In her recent video, Nikki dressed in a festive look for St. Patrick's Day.
The outfit included a big white bra, a trucker hat, green bead necklaces, and suspenders attached to denim shorts.
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