Hulu customer claims an employee violated her privacy by using personal information to contact her after a virtual service chat – Yahoo Finance

TikToker Aryan Strauss claims a Hulu employee contacted her from his personal email after a customer service chat.
Strauss said she received an email from an employee named “John” after he helped her get a refund for a canceled Hulu subscription.
“How many other women has he done this to, and how else is he using my information?” Strauss said in a TikTok post.
A woman is taking to TikTok to call out Hulu after she claims a male employee used her personal information to get in touch with her after a customer service chat.
In a series of videos, Aryan Strauss said a Hulu employee emailed her after she spoke with him about refunding her the money she was charged for canceling her subscription too late.
On Monday, Strauss explained in a TikTok video that she reached out to the company via its online chat feature and spoke with an employee named “John” who sympathized with her financial struggles as an unemployed single mother.
John refunded Strauss the money for her canceled subscription and offered her kind words before the call ended.
Strauss went on to express her appreciation for the “genuine experience” of the customer service call, but “didn’t think anything of it” until she said she received a message from John’s personal email.
“He has all of my personal information, and he chose to use it,” Strauss said. “How many other women has he done this to, and how else is he using my information?”
According to Strauss, her attempts to report the issue to Hulu were met by other male employees who didn’t immediately understand her concern. Strauss claimed one manager asked if she’d led John to believe it was OK to contact her.
In a recording, a male voice can be heard apologizing on behalf of Hulu for the “strange encounter” Strauss experienced. The employee Strauss identified as “Jeff” promised John would undergo extra training to prevent another incident.
However, Strauss said she’s concerned the promise would only increase the potential threat since John has access to her billing address and phone number and would likely know she was the person who reported him.
Her videos gained over 700,000 views as TikTokers expressed their outrage at the exchange and tagged Hulu in the comments.
“I would press charges against Hulu,” one user wrote.
“Aren’t those calls suppose to be monitored and recorded? They need to do a full investigation,” another comment read.
In a Tuesday update video, Strauss said she still has yet to hear back from Hulu on the matter.
“I wasn’t going to report this until somebody said, ‘How many other women is he doing this to?'” Strauss said in a final update video. “So, if this is happening to you guys, please report it.”
Hulu did not immediately respond to Insider’s request to comment on the situation.
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