DoorDash driver cancels customer order due to restaurant shooting – Dexerto

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A customer went viral on TikTok after her DoorDash delivery driver allegedly canceled her order due to a shooting at the restaurant.
In a viral clip with 1.2 million views, TikToker Ray (ihaveasthma420) danced while she showed the text messages between her and her delivery driver, Shakyra. 
“Last night this was legit my convo with my dasher. She did indeed forget the straws,” she wrote in text over the video.
In the screenshot, Ray asked Shakyra to pick up straws and sweet and sour sauce for her order. However, the DoorDash driver left the customer with an alarming response.
“I’m sorry hunni I’m about to cancel your order they’re shooting out here and I gotta live for my child,” the driver replied.
The content creator did not reveal where or when the alleged shooting took place.
In the comments, many TikTok users were concerned for Shakyra.
“That is so real. I hope she’s safe!” one user wrote. “Nah I’d pay her emotional compensation,” another added.
“She was so nice about it too. Hope she’s good though,” a third said.
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Others didn’t like the way Ray asked for more straws and sauce. 
“She’s out there dodging bullets for you and you can’t say please or thank you?” one commented.
“You’re supposed to put that stuff in your original order, not harass the Dasher for it,” another said.
The TikToker said she eventually got her order from a different delivery driver. 
“Ya some king named Mohammed picked it up but it was 45 mins late from the original time lmfao,” she shared in the comments.
This is just the latest DoorDash-related moment to go viral on TikTok, after a Dasher cursed out a customer for not tipping before receiving their order.


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