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Australian customer insights and advisory consultancy Fiftyfive5 has been acquired by professional services giant Accenture for an undisclosed sum.

Fiftyfive5 was founded in 2010 by three former Directors of The Leading Edge: Karen Phillips, Mark Sundquist and Darren Kemp, and in 2018 it merged with brand development and consumer insights agency GalKal. In May this year, it acquired The Leading Edge (TLE) and The Digital Edge (TDE) from marcoms group Enero.

As part of the latest deal, Fiftyfive5’s team of more than 200 people across Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and London will join Accenture’s interactive customer experience and analytics business Accenture Song (formerly Accenture Interactive). This team brings expertise in opportunity identification, brand strategy and positioning, innovation, category strategy (channel, shopper, retail and loyalty), pricing, CX and experience measurement, and brand comms tracking.

Jatinder Singh, Accenture Song’s Global Head of Data and Analytics, says the buy improves his firm’s ability to drive growth for clients through customer data and insight. Sundquist adds: ‘Accenture Song is one of the most interesting businesses that’s emerged in our space – a combination of creativity, technology and data. Joining Accenture Song creates an exciting new opportunity for our team and the chance to deliver greater commercial impact for clients given the enhanced range of capability we can bring to the table’.

Web sites: www.fiftyfive5.com and www.accenture.com .

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