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Working in the customer service industry is often a waking nightmare, between the long, grueling hours and the more and more frequent Karen interactions.  
One small business owner on TikTok is sharing one of the first viral horror stories of the season, which involved a greedy customer who couldn't accept a free offer as it was. 
Faith Thomas, owner and manager of Frozen Flamingo, a Georgetown, Texas shop offering frozen custard, shaved ice, frozen cocktails, milkshakes, mudslides and more, recently offered a free hot chocolate to her customers as a reward for their loyalty, but one woman felt that Thomas wasn't being generous enough. 
"She really couldn’t just buy another hot chocolate 🥲 #fyp #smallbusiness #businessowner #customerservice #hotchocolate," the TikToker captioned the video, clearly shot during a slow moment inside the store, as she was wearing a branded shirt and visor and a drive-thru headset.
"Okay, so I sent out a free hot chocolate coupon to everyone who's, like, part of my loyalty program. They had a week to use the coupon, and today is the last day. So, obviously, I've been redeeming hella hot chocolate today," she introduced the scene.
"This lady comes to the window and she's like, 'Hi! I wanna use my free hot chocolate.' I'm like, 'Absolutely! Do you want whipped cream or mini marshmallows? You get to choose one or the other.'" 
But that wasn't the freebie addition that the woman was looking for. "And she's like, 'Well, actually, I just want to get a second one,' and I"m like, 'Awesome, I'll ring you up, no problem.'" 
It was, of course, a problem, because this woman apparently doesn't know how coupons work. "And she's like, 'Well, no, like, I just wanna add another one to my coupon.'"
Thomas continued, "And I'm like, 'Um, your coupon is for one free hot chocolate.' I asked if she had another account, maybe like her husband's account, or whatever."
She only had the one loyalty account, though, and ever a few back and forths the customer began to complain. "…she's like, 'This is such an inconvenience; the coupon should be for two free hot chocolate, because I have someone else in my car and now I'm gonna have to split my hot chocolate with them." 
If a free hot chocolate can't make a customer happy, what can?
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