Burger King Employee Was Told Her Standard Uniform Was 'Distracting' Customer's Husband – Yahoo News

A customer thought having it her way at Burger King included complaining about an employee’s uniform. Burger King employee Lala made a TikTok about her experience with the Karen.
Under her TikTok account, @rockefeller.o, Lala used a voiceover to share her experience, stating, “I had a lady complain today because my work uniform was a ‘distraction’ to her husband.”
In the video, the Burger King staff member completes a 360 to show there is nothing out of the ordinary about her uniform, which consisted of black jeans and a Burger King shirt. At the end of the clip, she added, “I guess I’ll leave my a** at home next time.”
She confirms her aggravation by using both of her middle fingers to flip off the camera, as if it was the customer, captioning the post, “Girl f**k you.”
While the customer’s claims were ridiculous, LaLa and her cheeks struck a nerve with TikTokers. The video has been watched over 28 million times with more than 5 million likes.
Many sided with Lala and found nothing wrong with her physical presentation. With over 40,000 comments, most agree that the blame should have been placed on the wandering eye of the husband and not the restaurant employee.
@rriffle68 let Lala know the crazy Karen wasn’t worth her thoughts.
“Maybe she should just get a new husband. You can’t help what goes on in other relationships. Just be you!!!”
TikToker @rachelilyy commented on LaLa’s tastefully covered but obviously nice body.
“Girlllll you look so good I don’t blame him for looking respectfully.”
Most were just confused by the whole situation. “Yeah, how dare you wear what you’re supposed to,” stated @+rix.
The content creator did her best not to take the customer’s comments to heart.
Many users were still puzzled over why the husband couldn’t keep it together. Lala replied, “Apparently, she was trying to tell him something, and he wasn’t paying attention, so she got upset.”
She also commented, “Judging by her reaction, I have a feeling that he’s probably cheated on her once or twice.”
According to the NY Post, one rogue commenter asked Lala why her shirt was untucked. The untidy look violates Burger King’s employee dress code policy. Lala replied, “I only untucked it because she started yelling at me.”
Lala has shared many of the run-ins she’s had while working at the “Home of the Whopper.”
In a separate video, Lala addressed a racist critic of the original clip who accused her of being a “home wrecker.”
The user commented, “Typical n****r always trying to get attention and always being a home wrecker.”
Using on-screen text, Lala clapped back, “My back hurts from carrying the weight of not caring because I did nothing wrong except wear my uniform and STILL got sexually objectified and harassed.”
Tell us what you think. Did the Karen have the right to blast Lala, or was she out of line?
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