‘Being a night auditor is scary’: Night shift hotel worker says male Karen berated her after she requested to see his ID – The Daily Dot

Rebekah Harding
Posted on Mar 28, 2023
A hotel night shift worker documents an interaction with a “male Karen” who threatened to get her fired after she said she couldn’t check him in without his ID in a now-viral TikTok clip.
In the video posted by Haiz (@haizmula) on March 25, she records the interaction with the belligerent customer from behind the front desk, only showing her face.
She repeatedly tells the man that she can’t check him in without his physical ID, which he claims is too difficult a feat because it’s packed in his bags. The guest gets more and more hostile throughout the clip and says that he will “come after [her] with everything [he] has” if she cancels his reservation.
In the second video, the interaction continues, with him asking for her manager and insisting on an upgrade. When he still refuses to give her his ID, Haiz says that she can help the next person.
The first video garnered over 8.3 million views as of March 28, with commenters coming to Haiz’s defense.
“Being a night auditor is scary in these situations, especially bc we’re by ourselves, you’re better than me. I would’ve snapped faster,” one user wrote.
“It’s the entitlement for me,” another said.
“Not him threatening your life and thinking that’s okay,” a third added.
In an update video, Haiz says that the guest tried to call the customer service line to get checked in with an alternate ID. She says she explained the situation and told them that his reservation was canceled and would not be reinstated.
The Daily Dot reached out to Haiz via TikTok comment for more information.

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